Saturday, March 3, 2012


Barrett's 14 inch square hoop
Well I finally did it.  It was a long time coming and researching for the best buy looking for the one that would work best for me.  I hope I made the right choice.  I'm glad Harry offers a 60 day return policy.  Since I don't get around very well and I quilt sitting in my recliner with my legs up I'm not sure what is the right choice for me.  So I'm grateful for the chance to see how it works for me.

The other news is I finished the embroidery on the quilt.  It isn't anything fancy but here it is.

Today I will start the marking process.  I pray all goes well with that.  The first thing I will do is the cross hatching I'm planning where the names are.  From there I will mark the hearts with lots of smaller hearts.  Then comes the area's between the hearts and last is the borders.  I'm anxious to get started.  I usually don't mind the marking too much.  Plus then I can get it pinned and by then I should have my lap hoop and I can get started quilting.  That is the "funnest" part to me.

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