Monday, March 19, 2012

Quilt Update

The updates on the quilt don't seem to come as often these days since I'm doing the hand work now and that work is so much slower.  At this point I have quilted two and a half hearts and have 17 and a half to go. I've also crosshatched two name blocks leaving 14 more name blocks to crosshatch as well as quilted just over half of one of the sashing (between the row) strips.  There are 3 of these strips and each one runs most of the length of the quilt and they take a while to stitch because they have a lot of design in them and that takes a while.  Right now I am working in the center of the quilt and I work my way to either the top or bottom of that row and across to the sides on the row.  This is done to hopefully keep out any gathers or bunches in the back fabric.  I have come across some puckers of sorts in the back but I think that is due more to the type of batting and the fact it gives a more antique look.  But I am trying to watch really closely to eliminate any unsightly gathers.  Other than that I thought I would share a few pictures with you.

Me pinning the quilt.  Funny I am wearing the same
dress in the picture of me pinning Angels quilt.

One of the hearts after quilting.

Another heart after quilting

Sashing quilting.  The blue is the marker for the pattern
It does wash out.

Showing the difference of before and after of quilting

Close up of before and after of quilting

Another closeup

And that is about all for now.  Back to quilting I go.


  1. your hand quilting is fantastic and the standard I aspire too! beautiful x

  2. Thank you Collette. But you do realize the blue is not my needle work but the work of my pen. :-) Really, I do wish I held the confidence in my work that others do. I see it as pretty good but needing work. And if you saw a close up you might think differently as well. :-D LOL But thank you.

  3. We are always are worst critic, I love that you designed this quilt and planned every detail of it. I just started following your blog and was wondering who names are embroidered on the quilt? I look forward to seeing updates and watching this quilt come to completion.

    1. Thank you for the complements Carla. I'm glad to have you join my blog. The names on the quilt are my aunt and uncle, their children and their grandchildren. I have had many problems with this quilt but I'm still pluggin' along. :-)