Thursday, February 9, 2012

And We're Off


Day 1

Well I don't know if I can call it day one because I've already spent many days drawing out the design for Pieces of a Mothers heart, and I've already spend days trying to decide what stencils I wanted to use when quilting this quilt.  So is this really day 1?  I don't know but we will call it that.  Here is a drawing of the quilt pattern.  I had a second choice in mind but to be honest I'm not sure if I'm a good enough quilter to make the other quilt.  Besides my husband thought this pattern was the better pattern.  Anyway...  Here it is.

That is the pattern.  I know you probably can't read all the writing and that leaves more to the imagination.  :-)
I spent a lot of time hunting up a pattern to make the hearts.  I finally found a very easy scrappy heart pattern that works very well for Pieces of a Mothers Heart.  But I wanted to make sure I could make the pattern easily enough and that I liked it so I made a sample heart.

And there it is.

Today I spent about 3 hours shopping for the material.  Would you believe I found it all?  I thought it might take two or three times going to the store and I didn't want that because then I might accidentally buy the same fabric twice.  So I persevered at the expense of some very sore knee's by the time I was done.  But some ice packs helped that problem.  My Aunt wanted to see the fabrics.  I'm sure she wanted to see them close up but I don't know if I want to do that until I make the hearts then I will take pictures of them.  But the picture below will give you an idea of the fabrics.  I will say there are 4 purples but in the picture with the blues (yes there are a lot of blues.  Seven blues and a teal to be exact) the purples turned out more blue in color.  Oh also there is a bolt of the light off white fabric that I had to order so it will be a while in coming.  And yes you read right...A BOLT.  That should tell you that while it will be a colorful quilt it will also be a lighter color quilt as well. 

So the picture leaves a lot to the imagination.  It will be a pretty quilt.  Tomorrow will be wash dry and iron day.  Although I am concerned about something.  I read just the other day that if you are going to wash your fabric you should also wash your batting.  I don't plan on washing the batting so I need to ask around and see if that is correct.  SOOO who knows what tomorrow holds.  But no matter what I do about washing or not (or maybe seeing if my husband will take me out to see my two Aunts) No matter what tomorrow holds, Saturday promises to be a day to start the Pieces of a Mothers heart.

Until then....


  1. This will make such a cheery quilt! How fun!! Enjoy the process working with those yummy colors.

  2. Thank you. I worried about the variety of color's but I think my aunt will enjoy it. Each color will remind her of the person who's favorite color it is.