Saturday, February 25, 2012


Well it is time to start marking my patterns on the quilt.  I must say I am nervous to start the process.  It is always a fear of what if I mess up?  How will I get that design out of there? There is an eraser pen you can use but I don't have one.  But today is the day to jump right on in there.

I am also still having trouble with my thumb and to make matters worse the hearts  are full of seams to stitch through.  I'm thinking of trying a bigger needle and putting more slack in the hoop.  After this quilt I'm going to try to learn to quilt with a little thing called Aunt Becky and a method that is better for the thumb.  Here is a video about the method
Since I am so new at quilting I should be able to learn this method which should be easier on my thumb.  But for now I will do my best to do the best job I can with the least amount of pain to my thumb.  :-)

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