Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jim's Quilt

I have another quilt I would like to share with you before we get on to the upcoming quilt.  This quilt is the pieced top to Jim's quilt.  I was going to start quilting it next but I've been hired to make a quilt for my Aunt Shelia.  So this quilt will have to wait just a while before it gets quilted.  But here is the top.


This quilt pattern actually came from the Moda site.  I saw a quilt like this at my LQS and I loved it.  I had planned to buy the kit to make the quilt but she told me where the pattern came from so I just made it on my own.  The only difference is it does not have the 10 inch borders that it should have.  I'm still thinking of adding those to the quilt so it can go on our bed.  But it really was supposed to be a lap quilt for Jim.  Oh decisions decisions!  :-)

I do have one other quilt top that I started but I don't have a picture of it.  I am planning on making it in the quilt as you go method and have started doing so.  But it too has to be put away while I work on other things.  My mind is so full of quilts it is hard not to have quilts in different stages around here or to have quilt tops that have not been quilted yet.  But I will try to correct that since I did take the pledge to complete each project, enjoy each step of the process and to share with each of you the process.  So lifes gonna be a changing here!  :-)

Now you are caught up on all my quilts.  From here out you will start hearing the process of each quilt as I make them.  And hey you might actually hear about my life and get to know me a little better along the way.
So hold on to your seats we are about to begin the journey of Pieces of a Mothers Heart!  YEA!

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