Friday, February 17, 2012


All the hearts are finished.  I am very grateful I had extra fabric because I ran into another "Oh NO"

Am I a perfectionist?  You bet.  I've tried to make each heart as much like a heart as the pattern will allow.  I'm sure when I put the borders on and do the quilting they will look even more heart shaped.  

Here are some pictures of the last bunch of hearts to be finished up over the last several days.

And the last of the hearts to be made

Tonight after I finished up the hearts I laid them out in what will probably be the order the blocks will be in.  Please realize this IS NOT what the quilt will look like.  There are borders and things to be added still to the pattern.  What I am about to show is the finished hearts. 

I am both excited and nervous for the next step of putting on the sashings and borders.  I am so used to following a written pattern but not one I have made up myself.  Also I have not done any embroidery in a long time and the names and dates will be a simple embroidery stitch.  But my aunt had faith in me so now I must have that same faith in myself.  :-)

Now if only the bolt of fabric would get here!  I am at a stand still until then.

So until then...

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