Thursday, February 9, 2012

Angels Pinwheels           

Now we come to the third quilt I’ve made.  I just finished this one completely.  Well actually I still have to finish getting my markings off.  I don’t have a washing machine big enough for quilts so I am using a spray bottle and misting it to remove the markings.  I will show you some pictures through the process of making this quilt.  I didn't start taking pictures until the pinning process so my first picture is of me beginning the pinning process.

Here are some close up pictures of the quilting work in progress.


And last but certainly not least some pictures of the finished project.  About 5 months worth of work from start to finish.

Close up

And the back of the quilt.

I wish you could see more of the detailed work but because of the type fabric you can't see it as well.  I think my granddaughter will love it.

Coming soon a picture of quilt number 4.  It is just the pieced top at this point.  The quilting will have to wait because I am about to start my first quilt for a customer.  I will be showing that one in the whole process.  I'm really excited to start that one.

Off to do some shopping for the next quilt. 

Until Next Time...

The hand quiltin grammy  :-)

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