Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today I can truly look back on my quilting and say that each quilt has been a learning and growing experience.  This quilt has taught me to

  • Slow down the process and not rush ahead. 
  • Be sure to measure and remeasure.  What's that saying?  Measure twice and cut once.
  • How to square up the blocks
  • To trust my instinct and my creativity
  • And to be willing to step out of what I'm used to and do something new.  Who knows, I may even try applique some time or teach myself to machine quilt.  Of course I will only do that in a pinch because I have the hand quilting process.

This has been a row making day.  I've made 3 rows and connected them.  I'm starting to see the quilt come together and it is exciting.  I'm still my hardest critic but I think I LOVE this quilt.

I don't know how much more I will work on the quilt tonight but if I don't finish the rows then tomorrow I plan to finish the rows and start marking it for quilting.  I think it may be best to mark it before I put the borders on.  What do you think?  Mark first or borders first?

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  1. I think we are all our hardest critics aren't we?? I love how hand quilting slows the process down too and how therapeutic it all is. x