Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm so happy.  The bolt of fabric I needed for the borders and sashing's is in.  I'm so happy.  And I forgot to take a picture of the bolt.  Sorry.  It has already been cut into the 3 lengths I needed and washed as well as Ironed.  I've talked Jim into cutting my long border pieces.  I am always so afraid to cut those for fear I may mess up and not cut it straight enough.  I don't mind the smaller pieces but I'm just not sure how to do the larger ones.  He is so kind and at this point has always cut my longer pieces for me.

The last two days have been very long for me not knowing what to do with myself since I usually quilt.  Oh there were things I could have and should have done but I didn't.  Yesterday I vegged with a puzzle book.  Oh well.

So where do we go from here?  Well tomorrow I'll start putting on the sashings.  I would like to go ahead and embroider the names on but I'm trying to learn that even though this is for my Aunt, I shouldn't put the names on a memory quilt until it is completely paid for just in case something should happen and I have to sell it to someone else.  I honestly doubt that would happen but it is just a good policy to get in the habit of.  I try not to start a quilt until enough money has been paid to cover the cost of the fabrics.  From there I will go ahead including the quilting but not the names (if it is a memory quilt like this one) until it is paid for.  I'm sure it will work fine waiting on that part for a month or two  after all the hand quilting will take plenty of time in its self.

After the sashing I will start marking the quilt for quilting and by this time next week at the latest I should be quilting it.  This is going to be one nice quilt and well worth every penny and more.  I've enjoyed the learning processes I've already experienced with this quilt. 

Until the next update...

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